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PA art teacher opens home to animals

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Art teacher Mrs. Kilrain and her family embody the term “animal friendly.”

Mrs. Kilrain has always loved animals, so much that she adopted some of her own. 

When she was a little girl, Mrs. Kilrain’s mom used to take in every animal that she could help, which  meant that Mrs. Kilrain grew up  surrounded by animals. 

Mrs. Kilrain’s dad also worked for the police department and trained K9 dogs. Mrs. Kilrain said that she grew up around lots of German shepherds and cats, a quarter horse named Ginger, and lots of chickens.

Mrs. Kilrain said that animals have always followed her around and they tend to be more loving towards her than other people. 

Since she grew up with a love for  pets and animals, she has now decided to surround herself with some of her own. 

Mrs. Kilrain first got a dog named Riley, who was her first family dog with her husband, Matt, when their daughter was 3 years old. Riley, 5, is a lab shepherd mix. 

After the family dog, Mrs. Kilrain said she wanted another dog, but her husband opposed the idea. Instead of a dog, she then brought home two guinea pigs, which her daughter later named Jack the Pumpkin and Frankenstein, who are now both 3 years old. 

One day on her way to work at Pembroke Academy, Mrs. Kilrain saw a bunny on the side of the road. She said she felt bad for the bunny and wanted to give it a home. 

So she brought the bunny with her to work that day then home with her, and ever since, the bunny, who they named Ruby, has been living with her at her house. The Kilrains then felt bad for Ruby because she had no friends to play with so another addition to the family was added: a year-old Holland Lop bunny named Chase. 

Mrs. Kilrain had just bought a house with her husband when Mrs. Kilrain’s mother, who works for the Department of Agriculture, told Mrs. Kilrain that they had just rescued two animals: a Shetland pony, who was 22 years old, and a 4-year-old sheep. 

Since they had the space at her new house in their yard, the Kilrains agreed to add two more animals to their family. Once in their new home, they named the pony Kevin and the sheep, Shannon. 

Then her husband finally relented, and they adopted another dog, an Irish Wolfhound named  George who is now five months old. 

For her daughter’s birthday in March, Mrs. Kilrain’s father purchased 10 glow-fish for his granddaughter. Mrs. Kilrain said that her daughter didn’t want to name all of them separately  so she just called all of them “fishies”. 

Right now, only four “fishies” remain. 

After getting the fish, Mrs. Kilrain decided that she wanted chickens and recently purchased 15 chicks, but until Matt builds a coop in their yard, the chicks will stay at her parent’s house. 

Overall, Mrs. Kilrain and her family have adopted and currently have 27 animals.

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