Some students recognize permanent PJ Day

A trend in dressing for comfort, as opposed to style, seems to be taking over at PA as casual wear becomes the norm.
Science teacher Mr. Cunningham said he is not impressed by casual wear trend. He prefers to dress for success.
Science teacher Mr. Cunningham said he is not impressed by casual wear trend. He prefers to dress for success.
Abdalla Faiad

Are you tired of  putting the effort into planning your outfits every morning?  

Here’s some good news: You no longer have to plan your outfits because just about everyone at PA these days is embracing the lazy outfit and comfortable clothes each the school day.

Some student say the trend is the result of a larger indifference to style and the judgment of others.

“We are sitting and working for almost seven hours a day. There’s no reason for me to wear nice clothes and be uncomfortable all day,” said senior Ben Roberge.

But some students are taking the term “casual” to an  extreme, making every school day a “PJ Day,”  which used to be an isolated theme for Spirit Week. 

The casual wear trend started after the pandemic when many students lacked the motivation to dress up for school after months of remote learning. With the shift to virtual classrooms during the pandemic, students became accustomed to attending class in their most comfortable attire. 

When  schools reopened and students returned to in-person learning in September of 2020, this relaxed approach to dressing evolved into a widespread trend of casual wear.

The shift towards casual wear is not only a result of comfort, but also a reflection of changing attitudes towards appearance and self-expression. 

“I like to wear comfortable clothes because I like to be comfortable at school. It’s also a form of expression for me,” said sophomore Kydon Webb. 

This generational trend might also speak to a growing emphasis on individuality and self-acceptance, leading many students to prioritize comfort over conforming to traditional or old standards of dress. 

For some students, school is not just a place for academic pursuits but also a space for personal expression and authenticity. 

“I’m lazy in the morning and I didn’t like the amount of effort I had to put in everyday to put on nice clothes,” Webb said.

Students aren’t the only ones noticing the shift in the clothing choices. 

Science teacher Mr. Cunningham has noticed and said that he  is “not a big fan” of the recent fashion trend. “When I see someone wearing pajamas to school, my first impression is that this person isn’t ready for the day,” he said. 

While some teachers are also relaxing with their outfits, Mr. Cunningham still dresses rather professionally. His usual outfit consists of a pair of dress pants, a button up shirt and a tie. 

“I dress like this because it makes me feel accomplished and gets me ready for the day,” Cunningham said, emphasizing  that he believes that there should be a difference in the student and staff attire. “Staff should dress more professional as we have a more professional role as educators,” he said.

So when given the choice of dressing for success or taking in another 15 minutes of sleep, the decision is easy for many students.

They’re slapping the snooze-button then rolling out of bed, ready for the day.

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