‘Dahmer-Monster’ not for the squeamish

Sage Fonda, Staff

On Sept. 21, Netflix released  “Dahmer – Monster: The Dahmer Story’, and it has now become the second most streamed English-language series in history behind “Stranger Things 4.” ‘ 

Evan Peters plays Jeffrey Dahmer and depicts every gruesome thing that Dahmer did in real life. 

The series opens up in 1992, in the apartment Dahmer was renting at the time in Milwaukee with the serial killer standing at the sink, rinsing a knife clean of the blood, blood from one of 17 victims. But the set design of the apartment is almost identical to Dahmer’s actual place, and the layout and all of the props, like where he stored the victims’ skulls, are uncanny. .

This series is very graphic, and if you get squeamish at the sight of any internal fluids and human organs, it may not be on your watch list.

However, for those who enjoy serial killer documentaries,  “Dahmer” is a must-watch. While there is another series on Netflix called “Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes,” they don’t explain how he feels in certain moments as well as the series did, giving us a sneak peek behind his apartment doors with all of Dahmer’s demented and  racing thoughts.  

The series also flashes back to Dahmer’s childhood, and the house also looks  identical to his real childhood home. It would show certain clips of his childhood, with his parents or at school. He would examine roadkill with his dad in the garage, starting his liking to taxidermy. 

Overall, this series is a must watch if you’re interested in the pathology of Jeffery Dahmer and  his victims. If you’re deeply bothered by gore, I would recommend passing on it.