Senior runs the table with colleges


Sage Fonda

Senior Haley Hagler’s hard work in high school paid dividends.

Sage Fonda, Staff

College decision are rolling in, and while some seniors are anguished to learn that the college of their choice does not have room for them, Haley Hagler has run the table and will have her pick of schools next fall. 

Hagler applied to seven schools and was accepted into all of them. She said her top choice is the University of Connecticut followed by Keene State University.

“The University of Connecticut has a really good sports management program and a great school spirit. School spirit has always been important to me when choosing a school,” said Hagler. “I also love that it’s close to home but still far enough away so I can get new experiences.”

 Hagler has accomplished many things at Pembroke Academy to put her in this enviable position. For example, in November, she was named ”Student of the Month.” She is also a New Hampshire scholar, a senior leader for the Pushing Your Limits program, a member of the Chain Reaction Club and Student Council. 

“I felt happy to be recognized by the school community for everything that I’ve done,” Hagler said. 

Additionally, Hagler took  six Advanced Placement and honors classes over her high school career.

In order to blance her busy schedule, Hagley said she tried to utilize her free blocks when she could. When she wasn’t working in her open blocks, she would work from home, spending some late nights burning the midnight oil. 

Additionally, Hagler accumulated more than 120 hours of community service, while  juggling a job at Michael’s and maintaining a 3.6 GPA. The result was an impressive college application.

Hagler said she loves to help her school’s community and plan events. She also loves bonding with new people and joining new clubs, and hopes her achievements in high school will help her find a career she’s passionate after college. 

Hagler makes sure to dedicate time to herself. That is, in her free time.