‘Tenet’ tests the concepts of time

Director Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” is a sci-fi thriller that follows the actions of a CIA agent known as the Protagonist (John David Washington), who is tasked with preventing World War III by using inverted objects from the future to travel forwards and backwards through time. 

To say this movie is confusing would be an understatement. It is practically incomprehensible without further analysis. 

The way in which time is portrayed can leave viewers with an ice cream headache after multiple scenes. Since time plays a major role in the plot, I was instead left with more questions than answers when the movie ended. 

Upon further inquiry, however, the plot can be understood. 

“Tenet” needs to be watched two or three times to understand the story. The first watching becomes  increasingly disorienting as the story presses further and further onward. Only on a second watch,  was any coherency discovered, but this discovery makes “Tenet” a top-tier film. 

That being said, I would not recommend it to the lazy consumer of fluff films. This movie  is specifically engineered for those who like to dissect every little key detail. 

“Tenet” also includes incredible visuals and action scenes. Bullets and vehicles travel back in time while the rest of the world continues to travel into the future with breathtaking effects. Though the movie is not entirely action-based, I would still recommend it to those that enjoy those types of films.

Finally, Washington and Elizabeth Debicki as Kat are magnificent in their roles, bringing out  meaningful levels of emotion in their respective characters.          

While “Tenet” may have its flaws, it is iconic for its unique style it has brought into the world of modern movies.