Gown colors seem archaic


Graduates march into the Pembroke Academy ceremony on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Indy Hurley

With graduation season upon us, there are still decisions to be made. One of these decisions is regarding the color of the graduation gowns.

At Pembroke Academy, the main choices for graduation gowns are either green or white. The males traditionally wear green, and the females wear white.

Personally, I believe that the best choice would be either, as long as males and females wear the same color gown. It’s 2019, and we should not still be separating gown colors by gender. It’s dangerously archaic.

Uniform gown colors should be instituted for all high schools. While for some, the gown color may seem like just another arbitrary color, yet for others it can provoke some uncomfortable feelings.

For example, for the members of the LGBTQ+ community who are transgender or gender fluid, it seems inconsiderate to make them wear either white or green. By making the graduation gowns all the same color, these concerns are resolved.

A couple years ago at graduation, the entire class wore green gowns and, in general, the graduates did not feel like they were forced to identify as a certain gender by color. They were simply “graduates.”

While some people may not see the big deal, but it is ridiculously old-fashioned to separate graduates by gender and assign a certain color to them.

Besides, for aesthetic reasons, the uniform color at graduation looks better. But that’s just my opinion.