Be kind (in the parking lot)


PA’s parking lot shows us both the beauty and foulness found in the world.

Sage Fonda, Staff

The PA parking lot resembles a warzone at the end of the school day. 

At 2:20 p.m., when students are released after a long day at school, all everyone wants to do is get out. And fast. This, in turn, creates chaos.

While observing the parking lot rituals for four years, I’ve noticed that some students will run out of school to get to their cars so they can leave faster, clogging the lot with traffic. 

While Officer Webber, PA’s resource officer, has been directing traffic, it is a nearly impossible task.

Not only is getting in and out of the parking lots an issue, but some students still aren’t parking in their designated spaces or they will take up multiple spots, making  it  difficult for others to park. 

In the winter, it is even worse when the plows push the snow to the back of the lots, creating snow banks and giving everyone one less row to use as an exit. 

Then there’s the matter of merging into the traffic heading out of the parking lot, which can be a hair-pulling experience if no one allows you to merge. When someone decides to be kind and lets me in, it feels great and reaffirms my faith in humanity. 

We should all practice patience and kindness in the parking lot. Stick to your assigned spot, allow others to merge, and don’t be a jerk. Everyone has places to go.