Staying sane during the pandemic


It’s easy to get caught up with the dreariness of the news and the general melancholia surrounding everyday life. And while it’s been an undoubtedly tough year for many people, especially adolescents, there are those who have found new ways to cope with the COVID-19. 

Listening to music is a simple cure for the quarantine blues, and a great way to escape the mundane world and drift away in your own little reality. 

“Music helps me think. Since It’s an auditory activity, I’m able to do other things while I listen to it, like design video games,” said sophomore Lucius Miller.

For some, exercise has been the key to retaining a sense of balance and normalcy, serving as an escape from the drudgery of life during the pandemic. For sophomore Ben Dugas, running helped him maintain his sanity. “What running allowed me to do was get out of the house, and be alone with my thoughts. It also helped me get fresh air,” he said.

Members of faculty and staff have also been using exercise to cope with COVID-19.

English teacher Ms. Ficken works as an online fitness instructor. “Exercise helps me connect with other people, even if it’s over Zoom. I’m a very social person,” she said.

Medical organizations such as Mayo Clinic and the CDC, recommend regular exercise, as well as the adoption of hobbies in order to keep the body and brain active during these stressful times.

“A distraction can get you away from the cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety and depression,” the Mayo Clinic writes. “Enjoy hobbies that you can do at home, identify a new project or clean out that closet you promised you’d get to. Doing something positive to manage anxiety is a healthy coping strategy.”

Learning a new skill is another healthy and viable way of passing the time and building self-esteem. According to The National Health Service, people who spend time learning new things past childhood show better abilities coping with stress and overall improvement in their well-being. 

This past year has taken a heavy toll on many people, but there are ways to break away from the constant reminders of hardship and negativity and get through the remaining days of this pandemic happier with something to show for it.