Student daycare workers experience challenges during COVID

Haleigh Jawidzik, Staff

New Hampshire daycare facilities have experienced significant challenges remaining open and adhering to CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In a small daycare, it is very hard to keep social distanced,” senior Astoria Campbell, who works at “It Takes a Village” in Pembroke. “You can’t really care for babies or toddlers while you’re six feet away. It doesn’t work.” 

Senior Paige Merill, an employee at “The Learning Tree” in Pembroke, agrees.

“With the older kids it’s not that hard to maintain, but with the littler kids they tend to need a lot more emotional support,” said 

The COVID-19 regulations give employees more responsibilities, such as  sanitization and surface cleaning. 

“We made sure to clean more often and wore masks to try to keep the center as safe as we can,” Campbell said. 

According to the Union Leader, New Hampshire is now experiencing a childcare shortage, and many children and families are now on waiting lists.