Pembroke residents to vote on school budget

On March 7, Pembroke citizens will be voting in the PA gymnasium on the 2020-21 school budget. 

According to headmaster Mr. Famulari, the budget that was proposed by the school board was “a little bit north” of $26 million.

There will be two numbers presented to the voters on Saturday: the school district’s number, which is $26 million, and the municipal budget committee’s suggestion, which is considerably lower. 

The residents of the town of Pembroke will vote to decide if they would like to keep the budget that school district’s proposed, or the town’s proposed number. 

“Those two numbers are very different” said Mr. Famulari.

The MBC’s proposed budget is about $800,000 less than school board’s number.

“If the voters pass the municipal budget committee’s proposal instead of ours, it would mean we would have to cut-back on some things in our school,” said Mr. Famulari.

Some of the cuts the school district would need to make could include teaching positions and other school programs.