PA Players to perform ‘A Simpler Time’

PA Players to perform 'A Simpler Time'

Lacey Duggan, Staff

For the spring drama production, The PA Players will perform “A Simpler Time,” a play by Jonathan Dorf. 

The play contains nine different plays, or vignettes, by nine playwrights, and is tied together by a narrative frame. It follows the three main characters: Chris, Marley and Taylor. The characters struggle with the modern world and are traveling through time to find a “simpler time.” 

To truly get this effect, the play was written so the parts could be performed in any order and combination, and still make sense. 

The show was chosen due to the fact that it was partially written by playwright Tyler Dwiggins, who the PA Players had “worked with before” so the theater company put the play on  Ms. Parkinson’s suggested list, she said.

The spring production will be directed by students and produced by Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Evans.

“We really wanted to a show where our students could get to direct,” said Ms. Parkinson. “By using a script written as isolated scenes, we were able to accomplish that task.”

The three main characters will be played by Taylor Smith (Taylor), Perrin Rienert (Chris), and Madeline Manchester (Marley), who will be time traveling throughout these nine small comic plays.

The play will be performed in the Roberta Doore Auditorium on May 8-10. Tickets cost $5 in advance, and $7 at the door.