Unified basketball to play at PA

Cam Nixon, Staff

This winter, PA will introduce a new unified basketball team.

Unified sports are inclusive athletic programs that join Special Olympic athletes with partners to train and compete.

The unified sports program began at PA in 2012 with the introduction of an unified volleyball team, and there has since been a sense of urgency throughout the school to expand the program.

“I got a lot of questions about playing more sports from the athletes,” said athletic director Mr. Vezina. “They were urging me to play all the time.”

Junior Emma Weignnd said she is ready to get out and play, adding that she has asked both Mr. Vezina and exceptional services teacher and head coach Mrs. Bates about getting started.

Junior Nazzik Sayed said he played in middle school and missed the action.

“I’ve asked if there are more sports we can play, and now that we can I am super-excited,” Sayed said.

Senior Connor Canning said he is ready to score a lot, shooting everytime he gets the ball.

Mrs. Bates said she is excited to start the season, but without assistant coaches, the team will rely on Mrs. Bates to get everyone ready for the season.

“During volleyball I have a coach that knows volleyball and can help with all the fundamentals,” said Mrs. Bates. “But one thing is missing for the team: a coach who knows basketball and can teach the fundamentals to everyone.”

If anyone is interested in playing for the unified basketball team, please contact Mrs.Bates in Room 1034 or email her at kbates@sau53.org.