‘Summoner’s Shadow’ shines light on LitRPG genre

Benaiah Hanson, Staff

As I sat down on a beautiful Easter morning to  finish a book, I began to wonder about what I would read next

I had recently read a number of thriller novels and was ready for something new. That’s when I stumbled upon the Literary Role Playing Game genre(LitRPG), a genre that combines role playing games with sci-fi and fantasy. 

After scrolling through the catalog, I settled for a series called “The Summoner’s Shadow” by DB King. 

The series involves lost dreams, a new era and good guys battling bad guys.  

I was immediately enthralled as I followed the growth of the main character Bran, and the uniqueness of it all. Bran of Ealdor  is a war veteran  at a loss for things to do after  the war ends, so he starts an adventure that will lead him into the thick of things. 

Little does he know, there is something that makes him special (no spoilers). 

Throughout the  series,  readers follow Bran as he not only grows in strength, but develops  relationships and  tackles problems. 

“Summoner’s Shadow” keeps readers on their toes while also allowing  them to breathe in between scenes. 

 DB King does a great job at adding depth to both the characters and the setting, although the plot is a little too predictable at times.

All in all, LitRPG genre captures what it would mean to be like a video game character, while simultaneously staying  human, and “Summoner’s Shadow” is a must read for those who love adventure  novels.