Student Senate and NHS sponsor blood drive with Red Cross


Sage Fonda

The Student Senate and NHS organized a blood drive at PA on April 11.

Madison Hamel, Staff

The Student Senate, the National Honors Society and the American Red Cross sponsored a blood drive on Tuesday, April 11 in the Ed Cloe Gymnasium.

Donors filled all of the 42 spots prior the blood drive; however, some students were not able to make their appointments, said Student Senate co-advisor Mrs. Mullen. “I was really proud of the turnout,” she said. “When I was in high school, I never would have done something like that.”

Students under 17 years old needed parental permission to donate, and all donors had to be at least 16 years old, 110 lbs. and meet the requirements on the Red Cross website. 

Trained professionals from the Red Cross drew the blood, and everything was sanitized according to  the Red Cross’s safety regulations.

“Overall, it went really well,” said Mrs. Mullen. 

The Student Senate had organized blood drives in past years, but this was the first blood drive at PA since the pandemic.  

“Our advisors, Ms. Mullen and Ms. Fontaine had reminded us of the idea, and [everyone on senate] was on board with it,” said senior senator Haley Hagler.

Donors were also able to find out their blood type and received a free t-shirt and a snack for their generosity.