‘Cocaine Bear’ combines comedy with gore

Madison Hamel, Staff

In 1985, a  175-pound black bear ingested   nearly 75-pounds of lost cocaine and dropped dead. The recent movie “Cocaine Bear,” directed by Elizabeth Banks, takes some creative liberties with this story and stars a 500-pound CGI black bear who basically develops a coke habit and a thirst for human beings. . 

The movie begins with a drug smuggler throwing large packages of cocaine from his plane into a Georgia forest then his parachute fails as he jumps out. The plane crashes, and the cocaine is left unattended until the black bear stumbles upon it and helps herself.

While the CGI really wasn’t that great, the comedy and gore definitely makes up for it, although squeamish viewers might want to stay away. 

The movie is more comedy than horror, and the only reason it could fall into the horror genre is due to the make-up and special effects. 

“Cocaine Bear” is targeted toward people with darker senses of humor. In some scenes,  they combine the gore and the comedy, which works really well and adds to this darkness. While I would have liked to see more realistic CGI , this flaw is easy to overlook because other aspects of the movie make up for it.

I would definitely recommend watching “Cocaine Bear” if you can stomach it. But don’t do drugs. They’re bad for you.