ChatGPT ushers in brave new world


The app ChatGPT is demonstrating the advances in AI and has some teachers concerned.

Josh Bova, Staff

From the calculator that can perform complex math problems to Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can write essays, students have always been looking for shortcuts.

But the AI that has every school and college buzzing is ChatGPT.  ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) can write articles and essays when a user types a prompt on the website application.  

The ChatGPT, developed by Open AI, is able to compose writing with such speed and accuracy that it can almost make most writers inferior. The popular application has already arrived at PA and caught the interest of some staff members. 

“I been using it to come up with small scripts and things for the servers,” said  Mr. Mun, a technology support specialist.  

However, some teachers and staff members have concerns about students using ChatGPT to cheat, while others are confident they’ll be able to tell when AI, not the student, is writing an essay. “I know what [the students’] writing looks like and sounds like,” said English teacher Ms. Ficken. ”Students’ writing is pretty specific.”

 However, Mr. Mun believes the technology can also be used as an educational tool. “But you have to know enough to  edit it to the way you need it to work. It’s never quite perfect,” he said. “But only time can tell where this lead us.