‘Cast in Firelight’ leaves readers wanting more

Benaiah Hanson, Staff

I sat down on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon and tore into “Cast in Firelight” by Dana Swift, a novel that I’d been anticipating all week. It is the story of doomed teenage love, nine different magics, and a girl becoming a woman while finding her place in the world. “Cast In Firelight” is  an action-packed fantasy novel that leaves readers wanting more as they  anxiously turn pages. 

Adraa is a princess of a small Kingdom called Belwar, who is an heir to the throne and defiant about her arranged marriage to Jatin, the royal heir to Naupure. 

The two hate each other and resent their arranged marriage, yet they will have to ban together to save Belwar.

Swift does a great job  keeping the reader’s attention, yet not having the book constantly moving.  Although, at times, it almost feels like the author could develop some different characters while blurring the line between the good guys and bad guys better to make it a tad more interesting. 

All in all, “Cast in Firelight” is a great read, and my expectations are running high for the next in the series.