Soccer legend says goodbye

Benaiah Hanson, Staff

As I woke, tired and silently raging at my alarm, I saw the notification on my phone, and my heart stopped.

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo was retiring. My hero was finished playing.

Ronaldo is arguably the most influential athlete to ever grace social media with more than 550 million combined followers—from all of his platforms— worldwide. something no other professional athlete can boast. 

Not only does he command a huge following, but he is arguably the best soccer player in the world. That statement, however, is hotly debated by many people who follow the sport, but there is one thing you cannot deny: Ronaldo was soccer, and soccer was Ronaldo. 

Over his career, Ronaldo accumulated 828 goals and 236 assists in only 1,155 games. Ronaldo has also won five Ballon d’Or Awards and four European Golden Shoes, the most by a European player. He has won 32 trophies in his career, including seven league titles, five Champions Leagues titles, the European Championship and the Nations League title.

Through all this, he has not only cemented his place in soccer, but he has put himself at the top. 

Sadly, he’s retiring. 

Ronaldo said he will finish out his contract with his current club leaving both Ronaldo’s haters and fans alike to admire an illustrious career.