PA ready to celebrate 2023 Winter Carnival


Ms. Quesnell

Students celebrate WC 2022. Despite some ominous weather forecasts, this year’s students gear up as well.

Sage Fonda and Madison Hamel, Staff

Despite an ominous weather forecast, PA’s annual Winter Carnival celebration is scheduled for Feb. 23-24. 

Organized by the Student Senate, Winter Carnival is a school tradition dating back to the late-1940’s where each class competes in various events for points. The class with the most cumulative points at the end of the two days is named the winner. 

Since its inception, the senior class has seldom lost, leading some to believe the “competition” is symbolic.

Winter Carnival is also a tool  the school uses to emphasize teamwork and the school community. 

While some teachers believe the event cuts into curriculum time, others  acknowledge its intangible benefits.

“I think the benefits are the comradery that you see out in the gym, the bonding and having fun,” said Mr. Donnell, who is the transition lab coordinator and head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team.

Director of curriculum Ms. Parkinson said that  Winter Carnival is a “fun experience” that  gives students two days to bond as a community. “There’s so much more to school than just what you learn in your classroom, like teamwork and bonding,” she said.

Not only do some  teachers believe Winter Carnival is a chance for students to bond, but it is also a time for teachers to participate in activities with their classes outside of the classroom setting. 

Winter Carnival offers  an opportunity for every student to participate. “Three Pin Soccer is one of my favorites because I play soccer and I like relays because it’s a lot of running and super competitive,” said sophomore varsity basketball player Bailey Gatchell . 

Last year,  Gatchell participated in her first Winter Carnival and said she really enjoyed it. “Since Covid was basically over, it was like the first glimpse of a normal event,” she said. “I thought it was super-fun.”

For the people who don’t enjoy running and sweating in the gymnasium, Winter Carnival has no shortage of ways to include them. 

Junior Payton Merwin said she enjoys the badminton event. “I feel like it’s hard to pick just one since this year we’re adding in so many new events,” she said. 

Merwin said she also likes to help with decorations and participate in her class skits, which are viewed in the auditorium at the end of the second day before the winner is announced.

As seniors, the final Winter Carnival will be a bittersweet for the Class of 2023. “I’m excited, but also sad that this will be my last ever Winter Carnival,” said senior AJ Desrosiers.