‘M3GAN’ more comedy than horror

Madison Hamel, Staff

“M3GAN” has received quite a bit of buzz since its release on Jan. 6.

The movie follows 8-year old Cady (Violet McGraw), who was recently orphaned and sent to live with her mother’s sister, Gemma (Allison Williams). Gemma, who works at a toy company as a roboticist, creates the robot M3gan (played by Amie Donald with her voice provided by Jenna Davis) for Cady as a role model and friend.

Little does Gemma know that Megan will take her programmed roles way too far.

“M3GAN” has been  marketed as a horror and sci-fi film,  but I consider it more of a comedy. When I went to see this movie with my friend, not many people were in the theater, but nobody seemed really “scared.” 

There were times when the creators tried to make scenes  serious, but it just came across as funny. For my friend and I, it was practically impossible not to laugh whenever Megan would start singing. She would just start singing at the most random times, and most of the time, her singing just didn’t fit in with what was happening in the film. 

But Donald does her best portraying a robot, but with her body language, you could really see and understand her emotions, even though she’s supposed to be a robot. There are also some scenes where Megan starts dancing, and Donald does  well. While her dancing is good, once again it just didn’t really fit in the movie. It felt funny rather than scary.  

McGraw performance, however, stands out in the film. Some of her scenes are rather intense, and she does a good job portraying her character. 

Overall, the movie was all right, and if you like comedies with a bit of horror, “M3GAN”  is worth seeing. The acting is  good, the plot is  okay, but marketing the movie as a horror movie is misleading.