‘Ginny and Georgia’ keeps viewers hooked

Sage Fonda, Staff

There isn’t a dull moment in the Netflix Original drama/comedy “Ginny and Georgia”.  With cliffhangers around every corner, it’s really hard to say “no”  when the next episode starts to scroll on the screen. 

While Season 1 focuses on Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry)  as a teen, it  occasionally flips to her mother Georgia Miller (Brianna Howey) in teen years when she was pregnant with Georgia. 

Resourceful and quick on her feet, Georgia is a powerful female who wants to give her kids the best life she can give them after growing up around scams and criminals trying to hustle money.

A shadow of her mother, Ginny tries to walk in her own footsteps but falls into her mother’s. Ginny confronts many obstacles and overcomes them by getting the help she needs.

While Ginny is a strong character, she is a little bland, obsessing over guys. Georgia’s life, however, is the more interesting plotline in Season 1

Season 2  picks up the pace and touches on  subjects such as gun violence, self harm, racism, social media and death. Throughout Season 2, Ginny and Georgia’s relationship starts to fall apart as Georgia tries to keep Ginny by her side. But the more that Georgia tries, the more upset her daughter gets. 

The acting in Season 2 is above and beyond the performances rendered in the first season. The teenagers  aren’t perfect. They all have their  flaws and are  much more realistic than cardboard cut-outs in “High School Musical”. 

Many of the secondary characters are going through their own things as well. Ginny’s younger half-brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) has a dad who is in prison, when he gets out he surprises Austin. Austin then befriends Zach (Connor Ladman), who bullied him in Season 1.

Zach has a lot going on as well. His dad is on life support and isn’t getting better. 

Overall, “Ginny and Georgia” is an amazing show with  many cliffhangers and  and relatable topics. The costume designs , props and makeup add to its appeal, and when the “next episode” starts to scroll, don’t make plans for the next hour.