Track coach focuses on fun

Ashley Hoxie, Staff

The end of November signals that winter track season is near, and assistant coach Jared Williams, who has coached for the team since 2018, is ready to return for his fourth year. 

Mr. Williams began competing in track and field his freshman year of high school at Wheatland-Chili High School in New York. His senior year of high school, he set three high school records and eventually continued on to compete at Alfred State College in Alfred, N.Y.

So far, Mr. Williams said he has thoroughly enjoyed coaching at PA.  

“When I came in, nobody warmed up together, nobody cheered each other on during races. Nobody cared to get better,” said Mr. Williams, a 27-year-old “Now that I’m coaching both indoor and outdoor, my ability to carry that culture through not only one but two seasons; it’s so rewarding to see it all come together.” 

Mr. Williams said that the team strives to have fun and improve, rather than just focusing on wins and loses. “That is the whole point of the track and field program at PA. Have fun and continuously get better,” he said. 

Indoor track began Nov 28 and is expected to continue through March of 2023. The team practices four days a week from 3-4:30 p.m. with meets scheduled on Saturdays. 

Currently, 23 students are signed up for the team with more expected to join. 

This season, the coaches plan to focus on basics and make it a learning experience for some  new members. 

I love the teaching process and seeing how it all comes together, so I am incredibly excited,” Mr. Williams said. “Seeing the pure grit and determination with these kids is something that cannot be matched as a coach.”