The Art Club looks ‘to fill empty spaces’


Sage Fonda

Art teacher Mrs. Kilrain is advising PA’s Art Club, who are proposing murals for the building.

Sage Fonda, Staff

The new Pembroke Academy Art Club is striving to fill empty spaces with lively paintings. 

The PA Art Club launched  this year and is advised by Mrs. Kilrain, the drawing and painting teacher. Currently, the club has 20 members.

Mrs. Kilrain said she is enthusiastic about the club and excited to add creativity and color to the school. Her students are currently working on proposals for murals and artwork around the building.

The club has started a proposal sheet that they will present to headmaster Dr. Morris and facilities director Mr. Coughlin. If the murals are approved, The Art Club will start on the murals and other projects around the school. The date to present these proposals is to be determined. 

Mrs. Kilrain said the club is planning murals on every floor that are related to themes matching each department’s discipline. 

She said The Art Club’s goal in creating the murals is to make the school feel like a safe space with bright colors.

“I’m excited to add creativity to the school,” said senior Scarlett Miller. “My first step is to paint Mr. Whitmore’s door with flowers and bright colors. Then I hope to add more murals around the school to make it more welcoming.”

Meetings are held every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-4 p.m. in Rm. 1169.