Bathroom vandalization costs everyone at PA


Jonathan Bateman

Bathroom vandalizations forced a closure on the second floor.

Jonathan Bateman, Staff

PA’s student bathrooms have experienced a wave of vandalization this school year, placing the custodial staff and administrators on high alert.

“There has been a significant uptick of the bathrooms being vandalized,” said facilities director Mr. Coughlin. 

Students have been clogging the urinals, toilets and sinks with seas of milk and condiments, resulting in flooding and closures. On the second floor, a bathroom was recently closed due to a door being ripped off a stall. 

The vandalization is costly, said assistant dean Mr. Zumba, as more and more money is spent to maintain the restrooms. 

According to Remodeling Express, a home and interior designing company, the average cost of installing bathroom stalls is $825.50 to $1150. And the money for bathroom repairs comes out of the school budget.

But there is also the fact that students are not able to use the restrooms. A frustration that has resulted in some students have started sending formal complaints to Walker House.

“They keep getting destroyed,” said school counselor Mr. McLaughlin. “The students have to suffer because of it.” 

Until the vandals are caught in the act, however, no solid actions can be taken. “I feel like someone is going to get hurt in one of these stunts,” said Mr. Coughlin.