Blackhawk snaps pic of PA’s Ribbon


Beck Tyler

The PA community gathered on the football field on Oct. 27 as a Blackhawk helicopter flew overhead and snapped a picture.

Ashley Hoxie, Staff

On Oct. 27, Pembroke Academy students and staff participated in the 2022 Red Ribbon Week photo contest, led by the Red Ribbon Campaign, an organization that works to promote the prevention of drug-use in youth. 

The entire school community, encouraged to wear the color red, gathered on the football field as a Blackhawk helicopter flew overhead and snapped aerial shots.

This was PA’s first time participating in the event, which senior Beck Tyler spear-headed. He said his inspiration came from the Red Ribbon Campaign, as well as a hope to spread drug and alcohol awareness throughout the PAs community.

“I wanted to participate in the Red Ribbon Week photo challenge because I knew it was going to be fun,” said Tyler. “PA was going to enjoy the helicopter, and was going to do a great job representing Red Ribbon week.” 

This year marked the 12th annual Red Ribbon photo contest where students at schools around the nation wear red clothing and form a ribbon shape. The contest runs from Oct. 1-Nov. 1, and schools have a chance to win $1000 and an IPad. Red Ribbon Week takes place from Oct. 23-31.

To promote the event, Tyler used various social media, hung posters around the school and made announcements during Advisory.

“I thought it was a great idea to spread awareness and get the whole school involved in an event,” said senior Lizzie Duchesne.

Lizzie Duchesne’s twin sister Abby agrees.

“I thought it was a really good way to make awareness of Red Ribbon Week consisting of drug and alcohol prevention. It was also really cool to see the helicopter,” said Abby Duchesne

Beck Tyler, who is also president of the Wellness Club,  plans to participate in similar events throughout the school year. 

I think it was very successful, maybe a little claustrophobic trying to get everyone in place, but that was not confusing or stressful at all,” he said. “I think everyone enjoyed it.”