‘The Truth’ is hard to handle


Brooke Robinson, Staff

In February 2022, former President Donald Trump launched his own app and social media platform known as “Truth Social.” 

An avid social media user, I downloaded the app so I, too, could finally learn “The Truth.”

Downloading and opening the app was fairly easy. I created a username, a password, connected it to my phone number and was put on a waitlist— 

Wait. What? A waitlist? For an app? 

I remember sighing when greeted by this screen, wondering how long I’d be waiting for “The Truth.” However, I was determined to wait it out because I need to know “The Truth.” 

However, it wasn’t a  rapid process to know “The Truth.” Every once in a while, I’d remember I had the app so I would open it and  see I was still waiting. Finally, after weeks of anguish, “The Truth” was unlocked for me.

I was greeted by a few different accounts I was encouraged to follow: The NFL, the Truth Social Official account and Donald J. Trump. 

I decided to check out our former president’s page. Since being removed from all other social media platforms, I hoped that Trump would have quite a bit to say. 

 But there was only one “Truth,” reading: “Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!” 

I scratched my head. Does that mean we will see him soon in The Oval Office? 

Last week, he posted a photo of himself in front of  his house, a very large house, a tremendous house, a house much bigger than most houses. He also took it upon himself to thank the other members of the app for  his great return to social media. 

“Thank you to all my GREAT and BEAUTIFUL Americans who congratulated me on my return to social media. Very proud to say that my Haters in the Fake News Establishment have joined us on Truth,” Trump posted.

“The Truth” isn’t just limited to our former president, but also his son, Donald Trump Jr. has dropped a whopping  (as of now) 120 “Truths” on us. However, upon reading his posts,  it seemed that the truth was incendiary, hateful, transphobic and homophobic. The most respectful “Truth” from Trump Jr. read, “Happy Easter everyone,”.

I then took it upon myself to close the app and deleted it. I guess I can’t handle “The Truth.”