PA falls short of 2nd EDies nod


The 2007 High School of Excellence Bell remains in the front lobby (along with Nick Gentes’ ghostly reflection).

Nikolai Gentes, Staff

After receiving a nomination for the High School of Excellence by New Hampshire’s Excellence in Education (Edies) Board, PA’s first nomination since winning the award in 2007, the school fell shy of the accolade.  

On April 12, headmaster Dr. Morris sent a notice to student who participated in presentations for the Edies Selection Committee that PA was no longer being considered for the award. 

Despite the loss, Dr. Morris said he remains proud of PA’s student and staff.

“Regardless of the disappointing results, I am incredibly proud of Pembroke Academy and how all of our stakeholders represented our school, especially all of you [student-participants],” said Dr. Morris in an email. 

He also stated that he had a call scheduled with the EDies Selection Committee, during which he would receive more specific feedback. 

As of now, however, the contents of said phone call have not been made available.

Each year, the EDies recognize the High School of Excellence in New Hampshire, among other categories, including Elementary School of Excellence and Middle School of Excellence. 

In early February, PA learned from the EDies Committee that it was selected as a finalist.

On March 15, an email was sent out to all student representatives notifying them of their role. Their job was to explain the tenants and value of their classes with the EDies committee.

On Thursday, March 31., representatives of the committee visited PA for a tour of the school and to listen to student representatives.

Several classes were allowed one student to serve as a spokesperson for their class.

Presentations were held from 12:20-12:50 p.m.. Students were asked to bring a sample assignment their respective classes accompanied by a rubric to show off their ability, as well as the abilities of their teachers. 

Other students served as designated tour guides, showing the judges around the school.