Costa Rica trip scheduled for 2023

Rachel Phinney, Staff

Traveling to Central America is a once in a lifetime experience, including cultural meals and visits  to volcanic national parks and beaches.

During April vacation of 2023, foreign language teachers Ms. McCrum and Ms. Sheehan will take a group of students to Costa Rica for a week-long trip. 

The educational view behind the trip is that students will get to experience a new country, culture, language, and foods that are completely different from New Hampshire,” said Ms. MrCrum. “The trip will be fun and exciting but more than that it will also be hands-on learning and an experiential opportunity that can’t be acquired within the walls of a classroom.” 

A virtual meeting was held on March 23 to discuss payment plans. While there are only three payment options, including two online and one available on the phone, there is also a FLAG scholarship. 

The FLAG scholarship is available to anyone whose parent’s adjusted gross income is less than $85,000. Based on the trip price and parent’s AGI, students may get up to $600 towards the trip by calling the number sent in an email. 

If a student have not taken a Spanish course, they can still participate in the trip; however, exposure to the language and culture is part of the experience.

I hope that taking an international trip will help broaden students’ awareness of being a global citizen,” Ms. McCrum said. “Ms. Sheehan and I will certainly work with the students on the trip to use the target language as much as possible and to do so without fear of making errors. We will help the novice or new Spanish speakers learn some words and phrases to use on the trip.” 

To register, head to and enter the Trip ID of McCrum-477. 

I am really excited for the trip and know in my heart that it will be an amazing experience for all of us going,” said Ms. McCrum.