For the love of dance


Turning Pointe Center of Dance in Pembroke performs their annual production of “The Nutcracker” in December.

Emily Polsin, Staff

Turning Pointe Center of Dance (TPCD) in Pembroke strives to not only teach the art of dance to all of its students, but provide a sense of family and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Director Lisa Goff grew up in Pembroke and trained as a dancer throughout high school. After dancing professionally in Boston and New York City, she opened TPCD in 1982 to spread her love of dance to new generations. 

Each year, TPCD produces two shows, “The Nutcracker” in December and a recital in June. The recital includes multiple themes to appeal to all audiences. The 2022 recital will present “Cinderella,” “Annie,” and some classic songs from Broadway musicals.

Goff presents students with numerous opportunities throughout the dance season. The school’s performance team, ages 8-18, travels each year to perform a show. This year the team will perform in June at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

Along with opportunities to perform, Goff spreads her love of teaching to her students. The Student Apprenticeship Program allows select students to aid teaching younger students. 

The other instructors at the school, Emma Mannion and Emily Delia, are graduates of this program. PA students Kirsten Rasmussen, Angela Lemieux and myself are current participants of this program. 

Many other PA students at TPCD include Scarlett Miller, Chloe Culberson, Ava Kennedy, Ella Krochmal, Madison Hogan and Emily Hussey.

“I really like the student-social environment,” says junior Scarlett Miller. “By seeing them multiple times a week and having a shared interest, I became really close with my dance friends.”

Graduating from TPCD in June will be bittersweet for me. After eight years with this studio, I am  grateful for the opportunities and wisdom it has provided me, but graduating in June will leave me teary-eyed. 

This school took my love for dance and helped it blossom into a passion that will carry me into my future.