Parsons ‘pays it forward’ to fellow skiers


Madison McAlpine, Staff

Junior Emma Parsons became PA’s Alpine Ski Team captain on Jan. 9. Coach Bowes said she made the decision based on Parson’s ability to be a  team leader and her contributions as a competitor. 

Parsons has been skiing since fourth grade and racing since her first year of high school. She started skiing largely due to  her “addiction to speed,” although her teammates kept her involved in the team.

“Being around the coaches and other skiers who helped me to become a better skier is definitely what made me really get into it,” she said. 

In her freshman year, Parsons said she had role models on the ski team supporting her throughout the season and she wants to pay-it-forward. 

“I enjoy being a resource for others to use, especially when I can guide them through the same worries or new situations I faced,”  Parsons said. 

Parsons contributes to the Alpine Ski Team, among many other things, by being there for her teammates, giving them helpful tips to becoming better skiers, and guiding the freshman through their first races.

“I wanted the opportunity to be there for a team I really care for and guide them through the season,” she said.

So far this season, the Alpine Ski Team has faced issues of race cancellations, difficult skiing weather, as well as the challenge of being a smaller team this season with many sick, Emma said.

Throughout the season, even through the difficulties, Parsons chooses to remain positive. 

“It gives us more opportunity to run the practice courses and work on drills on the side, which has definitely helped improve our skiing,” she said.

Looking into the future, Emma said she would like the opportunity to be captain next year  as well. 

Beyond high school, Parsons sees skiing being a part of her future, although racing may not be as easy seeing that most colleges she’s looking to apply at don’t have programs.

“I know that many opportunities, like adult leagues and NASTAR (NAtional STAndard Race) exist, and I would definitely try to go for opportunities like these,” she said. “Racing is too fun for me to give up.”