Surprise, surprise, Michael Myers is still alive


Brooke Robinson, Staff

October is the perfect month for all things spooky, including Halloween, scary costumes and horror movies. 

This October was no exception.

Blumhouse Productions released yet-another sequel to the “Halloween” franchise with “Halloween Kills,” the 11th film to date.

This movie is set in 2018, taking place right after the previous movie, “Halloween (2018),” and like many of the other films, it stars Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role Laurie Strode. 

And surprise, surprise, the infamous psychopath Michael Myers is still alive, and his killings are becoming more and more gruesome. But the people of Haddonfield, Ill. are finally tired of the masked madman murdering their neighbors, and they team up to kill him while chanting, “Evil dies tonight!” 

While I enjoyed the movie, it is not one for the faint of heart. The special effects were shockingly realistic and not for those with a weak stomach. 

For those who enjoy  slasher flicks, this movie is the movie for you.  Running under two hours, the movie will keep viewers  on the edge of  their seats wondering what will happen next as it takes a series of unexpected twists.

The final film in the franchise “Halloween Ends” is schedule to be released in October 2022.