Joe tries a new life in the new season of ‘You’

Madison McAlpine, Staff

Rating: 3.5/5

The new season of The Netflix series “You” dropped on Oct. 15. The series follows a man named Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely), who is a serial killer, and in the latest season, Joe is tries to create a new life for himself.

Throughout the show, Joe falls in love with many people and kills anybody who poses a threat to his love. The new season, however, provides a whole new look into how hard it is for Joe to control his personality in every aspect of his life after he moves to a new town and tries to reinvent himself. But his past obviously gets in the way of this.  

While the plot in “You” is good,  it can get repetitive. Each character who enters the series possesses a  new personality and dynamic with Joe; however, every important woman Joe meets is stalked and tracked by him.

Each season Joe has a new obsession and a way of protecting that obsession. There is always a new woman on Joe’s mind, and he goes to great lengths to “protect” them. 

In the new season of “You,” Joe is in a new town surrounded by new people, trying to make a new life. He also becomes interested in the library he has found in the town. Joe has a literary penchant and each woman Joe becomes obsessed with typically has something to do with books.

This season is well-written, and while each season plays with the same plot (Joe meets girl,  Joe becomes obsessed with girl), it never fails to be eventful and interesting.