Math teacher looks to be ‘safe’ person for students

Madison McAlpine, Staff

The new math teacher Mr. Rich aspires to teach more than math equations. 

In his first year teaching at PA, Mr. Rich is looking not only to be a good teacher but to teach students he can be a “safe” person to consult when they’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Simply defined, a “safe” person is someone who wants to influence others to be the best versions of themselves and help them discover that person along the way. 

When he was 6 years old, his parents told him he would be a math teacher. He refused to believe that until he went to college school for Music Management and he then ended up teaching at a karate school. 

That was where he found his passion for teaching and knew it was what he wanted to do.

After teaching at Laconia High School for a year during Covid-19 and subbing in the Manchester School District, Mr. Rich is now a new math teacher at Pembroke Academy.

Mr. Rich said he then plans to get his master’s degree in education. But his goal is to stay at PA and become a support system for students.

“I want to make sure that by the end of the year I have shown that I’m capable of supporting what you guys need from me,” he said.

So far, his first year is going well and he said that he is happy with his classes. “They are excellent,” he said. “All of the classes have been a lot of fun. The kids have been awesome and the staff is super supportive, so it’s been a great year so far.” 

Mr. Rich has a goal of making a good impression this year and wants to remain a person for kids to go to in the future if they ever need help. He wants to help students with their education, and anything they need someone to talk to about. 

He is passionate about supporting students as a person they can go to talk to about anything, and someone they can go to for math help in the classroom.