The Stand brings freshness and flavor to Northwood


Sydney McCullough, Staff

After the closing of Umami, a favorite restaurant among locals in Northwood, The Stand took its place earlier this year. This new cafe/farmstand crossover may not only provide the same relaxing dinner to end your day as Umami, but it may also be your new stop to start the next day energized with some coffee and a donut The Stand purchases from the Chichester Country Store. 

Looking for a smoothie to cool down on a hot summer day? The Stand offers a few options for flavors and gives customers the ability to customize their drinks with add-ins that include matcha, hemp protein, coconut water, raw honey and maple syrup. 

First, I tried a smoothie titled The Gulf, which consisted of pineapple, mango, orange, banana, carrot and coconut water. I did not add in any other ingredients; however, in the future I may try The Gulf with raw honey to add a little more sweetness. 

Next, I tried The Bennett’s Bridge that included bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, chia seeds, honey and oat milk. The latter was my favorite, due to the richer flavor. 

Overall, I enjoyed both drinks because they were fresh and tasted like real fruit, something I am quite picky about when it comes to smoothies. The Stand is definitely the place to go if you don’t enjoy the artificial taste of smoothies made from chain restaurants. 

The market at The Stand has a great selection of items as well. It provides many products from around the region, which makes it the perfect place to buy groceries while supporting small businesses. It’s also a great alternative to the fast-paced, busy aisles of the supermarket, and the employees at The Stand bring a positive and noticeable difference in customer service. 

Along with a variety of local products, they also ensure that the products are organic. Some of the items they provide are maple syrup, jams, sauces, popcorn, pickles, honey, pastas and fresh produce. While the selection probably won’t cover your whole grocery list, The Stand is a great place to stop and find quality products and boost the local economy.