For Quinn, the hard work pays off


Nikolai Gentes, Staff

Senior Nate Quinn is Pembroke Academy’s Class of 2021 valedictorian. The valedictorian is selected at the end of the first semester and based on the highest weighted GPA over those three and a half years of high school.

Quinn will be attending Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. next fall where he plans to major in business analytics. “Business analytics has a lot to do with data science. I’m planning on working at a firm, and maybe one day opening my own business,” he said.

After a long, tumultuous school year, full of various learning models, closures and reopenings. Many students, as well as teachers, found it difficult to focus on day-to-day life, let alone schoolwork and academics. But Quinn managed to maintain the drive to become Pembroke Academy’s highest achieving student in the senior class. 

Quinn has excelled in academics since day one at Pembroke Academy; however, he was still a little shocked at being named the valedictorian.

“I’m very happy,” said Quinn. “I was one of the top students in my freshman class, but I didn’t expect to hold it for so long. I’m proud of the work that I’ve done.” 

Quinn has also impacted many of his teachers. He stands in high regard with many in the school, including music teacher Mr. Thibodeau, who said Quinn, who plays percussion, was a hard worker and a gifted student.

“He’s always had a really great attitude,” said Mr. Thibodeau. “I’ve actually taught him since fifth grade, and he’s always wanted to be really good, and, obviously, it translated. He has a great work ethic.”

In a year filled with lockdowns, anxiety and crippling uncertainty, Nate Quinn has proven that hard work pays off in the end.