Promote ‘a green life’ in 4 easy steps

As we watch a ruthless procession of environmental disasters, it’s clear that the earth cannot cope with the stress, and we don’t have a lot of time to reverse the catastrophic effects caused by our man-made creations.

Many young adults lack awareness and information when it comes to climate change, believing the efforts to change it won’t benefit them individual. However, it will, and any contributions can help pull earth out of its downward spiral.

We are the future and we can’t keep waiting for the adults to make a move when we have the ability to make changes  in the palms of our hands.

Here are four simple steps to lead the PA community on the path to going green.

1. Inform.

Climate change may not be the most interesting topic to bring up in  conversations, but we can find interactive ways in order to send  the message to  the student body, such as creating posters around the school or making informational videos. 

Students could  even put together a formal assembly providing  information on the cause  and how our school can play a vital role in tackling it head on.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), it’s important to increase youth participation and take action to protect the future of our planet.

2. Form an eco-club.

This would allow students to take on leadership roles, such as volunteer coordinator or treasurer. It would also reserve  space and time for students and staff to voice their concerns on the PA’s carbon footprint and find solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

3. Take action in the community.

Students could volunteer in their respective communities and gain experience supporting viable causes. 

This would also build teamwork skills by participating in projects and activities to either to spread awareness or raise money.

4. Create an eco-code.

According to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), this is the school’s mission statement and the commitment to improving our school environment.

We, as the student body, need to enforce standards that will improve the environment and provide a more inclusive way to fight climate change.

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