‘Pixar Popcorn’ serves up bite-sized shorts


Haleigh Jawidzik, Staff

All the Pixar favorites return in “Pixar Popcorn,” a new collection of 10 short films.

Released on Jan. 22, the films are now available for streaming on Disney+. 

“Pixar Popcorn” features the beloved characters from the studio’s most popular movies and are created solely by Pixar animators. 

One hundred animators were divided into ten groups, each given a different director. Due to production and time constraints, they had to follow a strict regimen. According to Disney+, the films are  intended to be bite-size shorts for the viewer looking to grab a quick snack of Pixar. 

The series is categorized as an anthology, or a film series that contains a different set of characters for each episode. The anthology approach allows the studio more flexibility and creates more potential opportunities per season.

The shorts include the wondrous world of the”Cars” universe with “Toy Story’s” Ducky and Bunny returning for some carnival fun as the whole gang. “Popcorn Pixar” also glimpses the afterlife in “Coco” and heads back to the city of “Soul.” In another adventure, Nemo’s forgetful friend Dory travels in the vast ocean.

Pixar has quite the history of short films.  The first titled “The Adventures of André & Wally B” was created in 1984 when  the company was still known as the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project. 

Pixar has always served as an innovative storytelling venue that allows the studio to experiment with new ideas as well as technologies. This also allows individuals to work with smaller teams and hold leadership roles. 

These short films represent the culmination  of the next generation storytelling and paves the path for creative individuals.