Graphics aren’t everything


Jack Rockwood, Staff

If there is one thing the video game industry has been obsessed with recently, it has been realistic graphics. The industry treats realistic graphics like The Holy Grail. 

They believe the key to making a successful game is having the most realistic graphics, which just isn’t true.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the most popular game on the market: “Among Us.” The graphics of “Among Us” are far from impressive where the characters are small armless bean-shaped astronauts.

Another really big game sans realistic graphics is “Minecraft.” The entire game is made of just simple cubes.

There’s also “Fortnite,” another extremely popular game, which has cartoony art.

Finally there is a game called “Cuphead.” The graphics of the game are made to look like an old cartoon made in the 1930’s, and it became really popular for a while.

What the previously mentioned games tell us is that to make a popular game all these companies don’t need realistic graphics, rather they should focus on making more stylised graphics.