‘Con Academy’ captures the thrill of a good con

'Con Academy' captures the thrill of a good con

Madison Giguere, Staff

Joe Schreiber’s “Con Academy” is a YA novel that captures the thrill of a good con.

Will Shea is a con-artist who bluffed his way to Connaughton Academy, one of the nation’s most prestigious schools. Will, however, is not the only one. Andrea Dufresne, is also rumored to have conned her way into Connaughton Academy. With room for only one con-artist, only one can be left standing. 

Both Will and Andrea eventually set their devious sites on Brandt Rush, trying to con the most money out of him in clever and, sometimes, dangerous ways. 

What makes “Con Academy” a thrilling read is the rivalry and tension between Will and Andrea. Both are equally smart, so neither has a clear advantage over the other.

This rivalry, however, is dampened by the entrance of Will’s the romantic interest: Gatsby Haverford.

You heard me correctly. Her name is actually “Gatsby.”

While she isn’t an unsympathetic character, the romantic plot seems plopped into the book and nothing more. Gatsby is a bookworm who pushes along the plot along when Will needs the library.

And her name is Gatsby.

“Con Academy” is a fun and easy read and recommended to anyone who wishes to read a light YA novel that holds the reader’s interest until the last page.