Covid-19 can’t take our Spartan Spirit


Madison Giguere, Staff

Another article on the Covid-19 seem repetitive and boring, but this isn’t your everyday article.

This isn’t an article about how scared you should be, or how to wash your hands,  or to social distance and hide in your rooms, away from danger. 

This article isn’t regrets, or politics, or how the world may be ending. 

This article is about not giving up on our senior year yet. This virus is trying to take away our prom, our graduation and even our friends.

This article is about not giving up.

This article is to remind you that we can still have fun playing games, and we can still text and video chats with our friends about our day and bond over what we’re going through. We can still cry and still laugh, and Covid-19 can’t take that away.

This article is to remind all of us to not give up hope, to live the best lives we can because this, as hard as it may seem to realize right now is only temporary.