Officer Webber gives 100 percent


Officer Webber (left) stands with fellow PPD officers.

Marissa Perry, Staff

The duties of Officer Webber of the Pembroke Police Department extend into the hallways of PA as the school’s only resource officer. 

Officer Webber said that his job is far more than just being a police officer. As the school resource officer, he is unofficially a part-counselor, part-teacher and part-administrator.

He is also someone any person at PA, student or staff, can go to with any problems, ranging from personal situations to issues outside of school that have raised concern.

“The idea of being in the school, being able to help kids with what’s going on with their day, and being there to help protect them intrigued me,” Officer Webber said.

However, Officer Webber did not always want to be a police officer.

“I originally I wanted to be a pilot,” he said. “I wanted to fly a plane, but later on in high school I decided to be a police officer.”

While the stresses of being a police officer sometimes weigh heavy on him, he always come to the conclusion he made the right choice career wise.

“When I first started thinking about being an officer, I always knew I wanted to be a school resource officer” Weber said. “Unfortunately that’s when a lot of troubles began to rise in high schools.”

As a child growing up in a small town outside Manchester, Officer Webber said the only trouble he got into was with his parents. He said he has stayed on the right side of the law and he became an officer to continue on that path.

After graduating from Memorial High School, Officer Webber entered into the police academy and graduated in 2002. He has been in law enforcement since.

A husband and father of two kids, Officer Webber said he finds it rewarding and refreshing to be able to protect people and their children.

On his days off, he enjoys skiing and snowmobiling, but he especially enjoy watching his kids play sports. “It gives me peace being able to watch them do something great,” Officer Webber said.

From family man to a protectors of the Pembroke community, Officer Webber gives 100 percent to everything he does