The Spirit team finally in the spotlight


Marissa Perry, Staff

PA’s varsity spirit team stepped up from the sidelines and into the spotlight, taking home their fourth consecutive Division II State Championship in the past two years.

To prepare for the competitions, coaches Nicole Nason, Melissa Gerrish held practice in the PA gym three days a week for three-hour increments.

Then on Saturdays, the girls cheered on the sideline of football games, rooting on a much-improved Spartans football team. 

But Nov. 9 the spirit team stepped up and shined with a victory of their own, seizing the opportunity with well-executed stunts, tumbling, throwing layouts and tucks to fire up the crowd at Pinkerton Academy.

“Winning was something I shared with my team, ” said senior co-captain Morgan Polk. “While being a captain was a nice title, it wasn’t important if I was or not.”

Of course, behind the scenes, things are always a little messy. When 14 girls spend that much time together and know each other so well, arguments and disagreements are inevitable. 

However, the spirit team overcame many obstacles on the way to the title. While talent was necessary, confidence and good sportsmanship also factored into their success.

“Winning was the best experience I had with my team,” senior co-captain Shyanne LeSage said. “Though it was challenging with the injuries we had and having to move around the routine a lot.”

Even when the team made a mistake, the captains will set a good example, comforting and complimenting their fellow cheerleaders.

“The seniors worked a lot better than previous years,” Polk said. “Teamwork really got us through the stressful times.”

The love and passion the girls have for the sport is evident as they continue to win and and their numbers grow. Each year they get a new handful of girls want to be a part of their team, but if you ask any of the current athletes, they’re not a team but a “family.”

The Division II varsity champions includes seniors Morgan Polk, Shyanne LeSage, Taylor Beaudoin, Nicole Denoncourt, Hailey Beliveau; juniors co-captain Kerra Vallee, Azya D’Amore, Taylor LeBlanc, Cassidy Rondeau, Savannah “Mini” Wallace; sophomores Alexis LeSage; and freshmen Rhea Bocci and Kayli Gardener.