PA acknowledges Top 10 seniors

Benaiah Hanson, Staff

As PA’s Class of 2023 prepares to graduate, the school will recognize the efforts of those who strove for academic excellence during their four years high school. 

PA will hold its annual Top 10 Dinner at The Common Man Restaurant in Concord on May 25.

The 10 students with the highest grade-point averages will attend the dinner along with their parents, PA administration and a teacher/mentor that each student invites to speak on their behalf.  

The Top 10 students of the Class of 2023 are (in order)  Lillian Corbitt (valedictorian),Grace Simmons (salutatorian), Abigail Collins, Lily Booker, Pressley Frazer, Ema Parsons, Hailey Ranfos, Marie Grace, Samantha Canning and Thea Dutton.

For many of the Top 10 students, the dinner is a culmination of their hard work and a chance to decompress after their rigorous academic work.

“It feels really nice,” said Dutton. “It’s definitely an accomplishment I wasn’t expecting. It’s nice to see my work turn into something notable.”

Corbitt said there were “a lot of sleepless nights” that contributed to her becoming the valedictorian. 

And for Collins, it’s a proverbial feather in her cap. “Although finishing in the Top 10 isn’t everything, I worked hard for it,” said Collins.