Acquiring a taste for ‘Midnights’

Ashley Hoxie, Staff

On Oct 21., pop star Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album “Midnights.” 

The album, which was announced through her various social media platforms on Aug. 29, has already sold 1.58 million copies and has wiped up all 10 spots on the Billboard 100. 

After listening to the album for the first time, I wasn’t too impressed. During the pandemic, the pop singer released two albums, “Evermore” and “Folklore,” which expressed an extremely different feel than her previous albums. So when “Midnights” came out, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

For me, the album was a full-circle moment. It reminded me of some of her older stuff, specifically her “1989” and “Reputation” albums. 

I also wasn’t a huge fan of  “Evermore” and “Folklore”, so I was thankful for a positive change. Initially, when she released those two albums, I drifted away from my love for Swift. Although they have some good tracks, they were too different from her usual music styles. 

But the more I listened to “Midnights,” the more I liked it. Now, the album has to be my favorite one yet, and has me listening non-stop since it was released. My favorite tracks were  “High Infidelity”, “The Great War”, “You’re on Your Own, Kid” and “Sweet Nothing.” 

It’s no secret that Swift is a lyrical genius, which was clear in the songs on this album. She uses her music to express her personal feelings and experiences. 

Although I love the majority of “Midnights”, I would say it also has some skips, such as “Glitch” and “Mastermind.”

Swift has such a special way of connecting with her fans. For many, her music is not only relatable but resonates with them in a variety of  ways. Whether you are looking for an upbeat track to have a dance party or a slow song to help you mourn a breakup, Swift never fails to satisfy. 

“Midnights”  has 20 tracks, all ranging in speed and content. For example, “Anti-hero”, which is a rather upbeat track, focuses on Swift’s interpersonal struggles, being in the spotlight, and it is currently Number One on the Billboard 100, and appears to be staying there. 

Along with “Midnights”,  Swift also released dates for a world tour in 2023, which will be her first tour since 2018. But good luck getting these tickets. It is proving to be nothing short of war, considering how much her fan base has grown and how much new music she has put out.