Swift’s short film made ‘All Too Well’

Emily Polsin, Staff

Along with the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on Nov. 12, Taylor Swift wrote and directed a short film for the ten-minute version of the song “All Too Well.” 

The film features two characters, simply named Her (Sadie Sink) and Him (Dylan O’Brien), and their tumultuous relationship. Swift herself is also featured in the film as Her, 13 years in the future. 

Performances by both actors were outstanding. Both Sink and O’Brien were able to convey the heartbreaking story beautifully without dialogue.

It is clear why both actors have successful careers. It is refreshing to see Sink play a character who wasn’t a teenage girl, and for O’Brien to portray such a villainous character after being a heartthrob in much of his work in movies and television, such as “The Maze Runner” series and “Teen Wolf.”

The climax of the film begins when the music stops, and a three-minute scene of O’Brien’s character gaslighting Her takes place. It is gut-wrenching to watch the manipulation that took place during the relationship. 

The attention to detail also stands out. From the inclusion of the infamous scarf that is mentioned throughout the song, to the age gap, to replicating famous paparazzi photos from her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, Swift assures that all of the moments of “All Too Well” that fans love were incorporated into the film.

The quality of the song cannot be ignored. At first glance, ten minutes of one song seems overwhelming, but it’s worth every second. Given its length, the song can be played repeatedly without feeling like you are listening to the same lyrics over and over again. 

However, from personal experience, it is not a song I would recommend driving to if you tend to drive too fast when you get emotional. I know that it would be more entertaining to be a harsh critic, but I cannot deny that the entirety of the 15-minute film was a masterpiece.