Prom to be held in The Tent


Nikolai Gentes, Staff

In a year filled with Covid-related cancellations, Pembroke Academy is nonetheless moving forward with its annual prom. 

The prom will be held on the softball field outside of Pembroke Academy in The Tent from 7 – 11 p.m. on Saturday, June 5.

Tickets will soon be available through the school store, although the specific date for when they can be purchased is forthcoming. Students may buy a single ticket for $30 or two tickets for $50. 

The prom theme will be “A Night under the Stars”, and it will be aided by the event’s outdoor location in The Tent.

The prom was organized this year by social studies teachers Mr. Willis and Ms. Frostholm.

“It was hard. We had to take all of our plans, put them in the toilet and flush,” said Mr. Willis. “Everything you’ve come up with just evaporates, and whenever you try to make a final decision, the reality of Covid messes it all up.”

Many common accessories to prom, such as catering, were unavailable due to Covid restrictions. The prom team even needed to borrow The Tent from the school for the venue.

Despite the setbacks, however, the prom team anticipates a fun time in The Tent.

“We really wanted to be able to do this for the students,” said Ms. Frostholm. “We wanted to give them the prom they couldn’t have last year. We really wanted the kids to have a prom.”

Mr. Willis is similarly enthusiastic about the event in The Tent.

“Prom is going to be the bomb! Just pure fun,” he said.