Media cashes in on Chauvin conviction



In this image from video, former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, center, is taken into custody as his attorney, Eric Nelson, left, looks on, after the verdicts were read at Chauvin’s trial for the 2020 death of George Floyd, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis, Minn. (Court TV via AP, Pool)

John Furtado, Staff

Derek Chauvin’s trial for the murder of George Floyd was no different than any other criminal case in Minneapolis. The annual crime rate in Minneapolis is 57.08 percent, and the total number of crimes are at 24,521 and rising. 

So why did Derek Chauvin’s trial for George Floyd’s death get so much of the mainstream and social media’s attention? 

I believe  it was because it fitted the mainstream media’s agenda and the big corporate social media sites’ narratives.  While the news media should report a trial this large, they didn’t  have to make it a referendum about race because a good reporter reports the news and does not create it. 

It shouldn’t have mattered if the suspect and victim were Black, Caucasian, Latino, Asian or Native American? What should matter is the crime itself.  By concentrating on race, social media and the mainstream media are putting out propaganda. 

The mainstream media and big social media corporations used George Floyd’s death to push a political agenda and create chaos and fear.