October’s ‘Student of the Month’ shows ‘personal growth’


Jessica Boyajian, Staff

It’s a routine day in Ms. Ferguson’s Spanish IV class when headmaster Mr. Famulari walks in and orders senior Ryan Martineau to the front of the class, an intimidating image for anyone. 

“I thought I was getting in trouble, to be completely honest with you,” said Martineau. 

Rather than a disciplinary action, however, Mr. Famulari announces to the class that Martineau was named PA ‘s October “Student of the Month.” 

Martineau was honored for his leadership qualities in many of his afterschool activities, including Student Senate, where he is president, and the Robotics team. He was also acknowledged for his personal growth tackling public speaking throughout his years at PA. 

“I was very surprised. I did not think it was going to happen at all,” said Martineau.

Martineau was nominated by the director of curriculum Mr. Morris. “[His] growth represents the life-long learning and well-rounded characteristics we hope for all our students to attain,” Mr. Morris wrote in his nomination form.

Martineau has, indeed, come a long way. He secured a seat on the Student Senate freshman year, which has led to his presidency. He established himself as a student athlete, playing lacrosse in the spring and has dedicated many hours to his Robotics Team, 134C, qualifying for the VEX Robotics Worlds Competition two years in a row. 

Even though he is PA’s Student of the Month, Martineau is not letting it get to his head. “I’m still gonna act the same,” he said.